Euro Segway FAQ

¿Cuál es la edad mínima para ser parte del segway tour?

Desde 2018 se aprobaron nuevas regulaciones de segway en Madrid y ahora no se permiten los viajes para niños menores de 12 años. Para menores de edad, ofrecemos mini bicicletas eléctricas Xiaomi o patinete Xiaomi Pro, para que los niños puedan participar en el tour. La edad mínima para montar esos es de 8 años.
Por cierto, el peso mínimo para andar en segway es de 35 kg.

¿Cuál es la política de cancelación de Euro Segway Madrid?

La cancelación de tu tour es posible con 48 horas de anticipación, vía email o teléfono. Cancelaciones más tarde no serán aceptadas. Confiamos que nuestros clientes se presentaran a la hora reservada (reservamos guía correspondiente al idioma). En caso de lluvia leve, se facilitaran impermeables. En caso de una fuerte lluvia, la cual ponga en riesgo la integridad de los participantes, el tour será re agendado o cancelado.
Política de cancelación para grupos de más de 10 personas o eventos corporativos que proporcionamos por solicitud.

Is there driver’s licence required to ride?

Segway PT is a personal transporter, by the local Spanish regulations it is like a bicycle.
Using electric scooters up to 300 Watt with a maximum speed up to 25 km/h we going in a bicycle transport category too. You need not driver’s license to go on it. But riding a scooter also as a bicycle in Spain you should follow the rules and do not drink alcohol or use drugs before or during a ride.

Can pregnant women go on a Segway tour?

The safety of your unborn child is our priority, therefore pregnant women are not allowed on Segway tours. If you are professional in bike or kick-scooter riding we can offer you some of those to join any our tours.

Is it necessary to book in advance or can we just turn up at the Euro Segway office?

We have enough resources to provide a tour for you. But sometimes could happened that all the guides are on tour but someone just show-up and wants to go on tour right now… It is highly recommended to book in advance in order to avoid any disappointment.

How can I pay for the Segway Tour?

Payment to be made in our office on the tour day. You can pay in cash (EUR or USD) or by card.
If you prefer to pay in advance by a bank transfer – invoice will be issued by a request. Alternatively, you can pay by PayPal or by a credit card via PayPal.

Is it possible to go on Segway tour in other language?

All our guides speak English and Spanish as default ;). They are trained to speak English slowly and articulate well with customers who are not native in English. We have German-speaking, Russian-speaking and Portuguese-speaking guides in our team too so booking in advance is highly recommended. Also we have external guides in other languages (French, Italian etc.) but they are not available at any time. Please let us know your preference in the Add Comment field during the booking and we will check other languages availability ASAP.

Will there be other people on a tour?

In case you choose an open group option than other people could be on tour. But not more than 8 people in a group.
If you choose Private tour option than the tour would be completely private. There will be only you (your party) and a tour guide. We will not merge different groups in this case.

Couldn’t find the answer above? Please email us at [email protected] and we will reply ASAP.